Summer Breeze: Easy Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

May 2020

It’s coming: the birds are chirping, the trees are getting their green leaves, the sun is shining. Summertime! It’s the time of year to head outside and enjoy fresh air, picnics, beach time, and summer sports. But there are also certain safety measures we need to keep in mind for our animal companions.

Here are some tips to ensure that your pet will have a fun and safe summer:

  • Always have plenty of fresh, clean drinking water for your fur-riend. Bring a bottle of cold water with you and offer it to your pal frequently.
  • If it’s hot outside, keep in mind that the pavement is hotter and it could become dangerous for your pet’s paws. The best way to test this is to put your palm on the pavement to feel the temperature before heading out on a walk. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s definitely too hot for your pet.
  • Warm temperatures outside mean hotter temperatures inside your car, so be sure to keep the AC on for your furry pals. Or leave them at home with the AC on – that’s always the safest option.
  • Summer holidays often include fireworks; while they are a beautiful sight to see, they can be frightening for your pet and become a source of anxiety. Be sure to keep your pets safely inside so they can be kept away from the noise.
  • When at the park or beach, be sure to follow all posted guidelines for pets. Some areas have leash restrictions, so it’s important to stay within the rules to keep you and your pal safe. (And always bring a poop bag!)
  • Keep your eyes on pets around pools. Sometimes an animal will fall in accidentally and could risk drowning, especially if no one is around to help. Also never force pets into a pool or any body of water if they don’t want to go in – it’s just not nice.
  • If you have your dog on a walk or hike, pay attention to their behavior. Are they panting too much? Getting tired or weak? Are they nervous about something on the trail? Do they need to rest in a shady spot for a few minutes? Check in and monitor their symptoms often. Dogs generally want to please us and will try to keep up the pace, but it’s not fair to push them beyond their limits. If you have a long hike planned, but have concern that it could be too much for your furry pal or that the temperature may be too hot, it’s best to leave them home in the AC.

With these guidelines in mind, we can enjoy the summertime activities with our pets, and make sure they stay comfortable and cool.